Covid 19 Advisory


Centrestage is committed to build a safety bubble to ensure everyone felt safe here but we can’t do this alone.

We hope that you can co-operate with us on following the SOP so that everyone can feel safe and confident while attending their classes

1. Only fully vaccinated students are allowed to enter (after 14 days).

2. Parents, friends or students without fully vaccinated status are not allowed to enter.

3. Please have your temperature taken beside the reception upon entering the studio.

4. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5 degrees celsius, flu and cough are not allowed to enter.

5. Profile status must be updated and shown to your instructor before entering.

6. Profile status other than ”low risk” is not allowed to enter.

7. Removing mask in the common area is not allowed.

8. Removing mask is only allowed during class.

9. Please observe social distancing of at least 1 meter from others in the common area.

10. No physical interaction between different groups.