Studio Rental

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Studio A - Grease
(Approximately 2000 sqft)

Studio B - Lala Land
(Approximately 700 sqft)

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Studio B - Lala Land (Approximately 700 Sqft)

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Studio C - FootLoose
(Approximately 1000 sqft)

Rental Policy

1. All bookings must be made at least three (3) days before the studio is needed and subject to availability and approval.
2. Bookings can only be made via Gary through Whatsapp (+6017-4181600).
3. Full payment is required at the time of booking.
4. No refund for cancellation.
5. A late fees of 10% per day of the hourly rate will be imposed for those who are unable to pay in full on time.
6. Rental time must be respected.
7. Renters must vacate the studio promptly after the rental period.
8. No food is permitted in the studio.
9. Street shoes are not permitted in the studio.
10. Any damage to the equipment or facilities will be charged to the renter.
11. Please make sure the studio is kept clean and tidy after use, otherwise a cleaning charges will be imposed accordingly.
12. If large or irregular items are left behind, or an inordinate amount of trash left behind in the room, a disposal fees will be charge accordingly.
13. Lights, stereos, air conditioners and other equipment must be switched off after use.
14. No inappropriate activities are allowed in the studio.
15. Nudity and pornographic uses are not permitted at anytime.
16. Centrestage will not be responsible for lost and stolen property.
17. Centrestage is not liable for any personal injuries or damages suffered while using our space.
18. No pets, bicycles, are permitted at any time. The use of controlled substances, including alcohol, is not permitted without Centrestage concent.
19. Illegal or non-prescription drugs and smoking are always prohibited.
20. Renter agrees to follow all Covid-19 policies that is put in place by the KKM and additional measurement set by Centrestage at all time.
21. Centrestage reserve the right to decide to discontinue the renting services of our space to renters should we found out that renters are not following any policies stated here.